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American Style Animal Printed Rug

American Style Animal Printed Rug

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Our American style animal printed cowhide rug carpet embodies a rustic, country-inspired aesthetic. It features a natural and authentic look that showcases the unique patterns and markings of the animal. The American style is often characterized by a bold and striking design, with large, irregularly shaped patches of cowhide pieced together to form a visually dynamic pattern.

These rugs often feature the classic black and white or brown and white color combination, reflecting the traditional look of a cow's hide. The texture is typically smooth and supple, with a luxurious feel underfoot. The rugged yet elegant appearance of the cowhide rug adds a touch of warmth and character to a variety of interior spaces, from traditional ranch-style homes to modern urban apartments.

In an American style interior, a cowhide rug serves as a focal point, adding a sense of natural charm and a hint of the great outdoors to the room. Whether used as a statement piece in a living room, a cozy addition to a bedroom, or a stylish accent in a home office, the animal printed cowhide rug carpet captures the essence of American heritage and adds a touch of timeless, rustic beauty to any space.



1. Affordable Luxury: Crafted cow rugs show the vintage western style, and the realistic imitation leather to make it look like the real cowhide rugs. Importantly, this cowhide rug made with crystal velvet, not real cows, animal-friendly.

2. Low-pile No-shedding: Unlike other carpets, the cowhides feature extremely short fur, which makes it the most perfect choice for room decor, easy to clean and maintain.

3. Fancy Decor: The westen decor animal rug fit in every style of home - rustic lodge, shabby chic, bohemian, traditional, and industrial etc.

4. Smooth Feeling: The cow skin rug makes with crystal velvet fabric, bringing you a very soft and comfortable feeling touch whether as a carpet or a seat cushion. Synthetic non-slip suede backing keeps the carpet from moving around on the floor.

5. Low Maintenance: For daily care, recommended to vacuum, wipe or simply take out for a good shake. The cowprint rugs may crease during shipping, which will fall out over time.




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